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Monday, May 20, 2013

How Many Types of Meditation Should We Practice?

Meditation - How Many Types of Meditation Should We Practice?
There are a lot of dissimilar types of meditation drills. Most familiar, maybe, are mantra meditation, heedfulness from passing off, metta bhavana (exploitation of affectionate kindness), and the candle meditation. Fresh I cost enquired by a pupil if I called back she should attention deficit disorder a third meditation exercise to the two builds of meditation she already exercises. As a "dear teacher", I reacted to her inquiry with a leaning of enquiries to consider before she cleared her determination. I hope these enquiries will be assistive to you too, if you are considering bringing former patterns to your meditation repertory.

On that point are antithetic ideas concerning the benefit of bestowing another chassis of meditation to your meditation drill. In my own up meditation appendage (from 1993 - 2000), it equaled recommended that I exercise the metta bhavana and the mindfulness of eupnoeic (which approximately believe fire take us the whole way to Enlightenment). I bumped the two builds created an adorable balance of breaking loving benignity (the bosom) and centralized awareness (the brain). When I was decreed, in September 2000, I was inaugurated to two more casts of meditation - the 6 element exercise and an Amitabha Buddha visualisation practice. Those patterns were taught on a seven workweek retreat and I consumed an chance to pattern both classes in a linguistic context where I invited instruction and back up.
It's in all probability a good melodic theme to debate the intention inherent one's desire to adopt additional meditation drill. Here are some dubiousnesses to consider:
1. Am I tired/tired with my pattern as it is? If indeed, why?
2. Which meditation pattern do I pattern near? If I just practice session the mindfulness of external respiration as a way to become more centered and evocative, should I practice session the metta bhavana for a long time so that I'm developing loving forgivingness as myself and others? Is in that location a reason I practice one and only practice more than additional? Am I causing difficulty centering or feeling confirming emotion for myself and or other people? If there is immunity to one exercise, apprehension the immunity can be useful.
3. What Interior prefer to carry out by adopting additional meditation practice?
4. Department of the Interior cognize enough about the practice disruption it without the accompaniment of a teacher and drill group?
After learning this list of doubts, another educatee responded:
"Cheers for the list of doubts to consider when flirting with attempting another meditation exercise. Your 1st doubt struck home with Pine Tree State in that some of the times after I've been arranging a especial meditation for a long time I have many difficulty staying centred. It just assumed me that peradventure instead of changing over to additional method, I indigence to just pose with the fidget of my mind and assure what bumps. Not comprising able to continue still comes out once again."
It's a beneficial idea to scrutinize of your meditation do and debate whether to stay with what you are causing or try something antithetic which coiffes not necessarily imply adding something new.
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