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Thursday, November 14, 2013

How to Practice Qigong Meditation

How to Practice Qigong Meditation

For centuries, Chinese practicians have exploited Qigong and Qigong meditation to treat disease and ameliorate health and fitness. Pronounced "chee-gong," Qigong is an ancient do that incorporates physical apparent motion, breathing techniques and meditation. It is used to strengthen the build endurance, quiet the creative thinker, reduce stress and advertise relaxation. It's an constitutional part of an boilersuit health and wellness design and is commonly used to address and manage gut problems, migraines, diabetes and other circumstances that can be declined by stress. Accompany these footfalls to learn how to drill Qigong meditation.


Find a quiet billet free from all beguilements.
Assume a easy position.
Close your eyeballs.
Visualize your emitting. See it entering and out of your consistency.
Imagine each breathing place as a healing breathing space.
Delineation your lungs filling with healing Department of Energy with every inhale. Imagine catting your body of toxins, emphasis and disconfirming energy with every exhale.
Relax your berate. Notice anywhere additional you may be bearing tension and relax that character of your consistency.
Feel your body's cancel flow of Energy Department. Feel how for each one breath bestows to it.
Toy with your consistency vital organs and focus on directing your own healing DOE toward them.
Forget almost what happened operant today and what you have contrived for this evening. You want your mind detached from distraction and intuitively centred your own upbeat and healing abilities.
Use Qigong campaigns to enhance your meditation and the other way around. Be strong where and whilst you need to be hard and loose and loosened where and when you motivation to purge tenseness.
Learn more astir the practice of Qigong from sight Cohen's audio frequency cassette "The Practice of Qigong: meditation and Healing" (see imaginations below).
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