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Thursday, January 23, 2014

Vipassana retreat, Vipassana meditation

My first experience with Vipassana meditation
Vipassana began in 2001. A friend told me the same evening and myself booked on a course of training on the Internet. I'm looking forward to y because I was looking something for a one and the same long time and somewhere inside I knew: this.
Course was very different from what we expected. I think that it should be on relaxation, slicing, etc. The first three days were like concentration, focusing on the breath, calm the brain. It was backbreaking. Not only wasn't accustomed to sit for capable 12 hours a daytime on a mat on the floor and was ineffectual to keep the ideas of my mind where I was getting upset for not being able to focus properly. Pain was everywhere, impossible to find a comfortable position. There were loads of other people, which I didn't know, but was ineffective to speak.

The fourth day, he taught Vipassana meditation. Although it constituted quite an experience, has created something that I did not expect. It should be noted that many things from my past and a lot of cerebrations and mental pain. It constituted hard on the face. Finally, after ten days, studied "meditation fo" and can speak. It was a little strange, and this time not really felt like more. I feel very uncomfortable that day there.
The real concerning part came later. All the stuff came through meditation seemed to be a thing of the past, something is lost. As if it had fallen the burden from my shoulders. He felt incredibly free. I kept a daily meditation and become better and the style better, more things started to fall. It was not always easy. They usually start with periods of pain, the pain of releasing. But when finally leave was simply awesome. Made me a more calm and easier person. Despite the anxiety and tension that sometimes come, it doesn't really matter much more I can release and relax faster and easier.{meditation Market}
I had the greatest gift that anyone can give me. I know a lot more relaxed and happy, then I'm all for it. I am facing the world as before just presented. I don't have any stress, but the occasional rage but you all of the time know it's going happen, and it doesn't happen very often more. Even the difficulties that sometimes come with the thing and when you get on the other side, you're happier. Will drop much weight to your berms. Just try. Regardless if I tried. It won't change a great deal if you do just peerless cycle to try to assure if you like it. If you continue, you now know what can bechance and you might have to face. Then again, you might not. Not everyone is the same. Constitute happy.
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