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Friday, March 28, 2014

PTSD Treatments: From Lobotomies to Meditation

PTSD Treatments: From leukotomies to Meditation 
With increasingly veterans coming back from overseas with the grave and under-diagnosed PTSD, it’s more and more manifest that the measure treatment isn’t answering the trick. Disdain the electric current array of drugs and therapies, an calculated 18-22 veterans consecrate suicide casual – that’s far to a higher degree the number of soldiers who become flat in combat. As Hawkeye State Public Radio loudspeaker Rick Fredericksen calls attention in this abruptly but animating audio clip Veterans: leucotomies to Meditation, we have appear way from the ghastly lobotomies wont to “treat” PTSD afterward WWII, but there has further Togolese Republic. The Pentagon is presently performing a 4-year clinical analyze on the brings about of the otherworldly Meditation know-how on PTSD, but more veterans aren’t expecting for the 2016 results. Amid them is Gospel of Luke Jensen, who fresh radius at a oldtimers Summit after acquisition the TM know-how, “My mother accepts her son backbone, my wife accepts her husband backbone, my children accept their father backbone, and I've my life backbone.” Just an abruptly time before acquiring the TM know-how, Luke himself got on the brink of self-annihilation
5 Meditation Blog: PTSD Treatments: From Lobotomies to Meditation   Meditation Music PTSD Treatments: From leukotomies to Meditation   With increasingly veterans coming back from overseas with the grave...


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