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Thursday, July 17, 2014

Popular yoga schools

Popular yoga schools is one of the first traditional applies "Hinduism". The system aims to unify heart and soul with our Creator. The branch of knowledge consists of rituals and practiced with positions of authority aimed at achieving equilibrium between body and mind. Yoga schools is widely practised in the West of the benefits that one draws in the body and spirit well be.
Popular yoga schools
Ananda: perfect for beginners because it doesn't require much strength or flexibility does not imply any kind of singing. Very simple movements.
Kundalini Yoga: a system closer to the Hesperian world and includes the breathing techniques targeted and applies to awaken the energy in the body.
Bikram Yoga: a comprehensive physical training under the warm atmosphere at room temperature up to 100. Aims to improve the flexibility of the muscles and stretching asanas which presents 26 and respiring meditation techniques.
Astanga Yoga: bodybuilding involves coordination co movement, control and improve endurance with ascertained movements and postures that cover another parts of the body.
Kripalu: the technique of meditation involving awareness of the body, control of breathing and mind control.
Package: movement of the body base and flexible positions configured for beginners without the need to test the boundaries. Really ideal for founders who want an creation to the philosophy of yoga school.
Anasora: aims to encourage spiritual practices with the alignment of the body and the spirit.
Andy: the thirobetik of asanans to treat different body as well as the use of diverse accessories such as cushions and pillows and accessories to meditate, stretch the rope etc. flexible body through exercises of construction.
Yoga school for all the world and aims at strengthening the physical and mental well-being and spiritual man. According to what is sought, if spiritual enlightenment, peace, mental or physical, you can select the system best suited to help you achieve your goal.
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