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Monday, August 25, 2014

What is the meaning of Yoga "?"

In 1999, he was on a airplane flying at the India domiciliate, after nine years of life in the Himalayas. It is the meditation, study, meditate, practice yoga and life every day bliss of self-knowledge. On the aeroplane, I picked up a glistening cartridge and was surprised to see images of North Americans to exercise the power poses of yoga and to talk about how well the yoga fit body. Now I agree that yoga is excellent for your body and your health, but a laugh to the nose in a different way, how to learn the purpose and which means the Sanskrit word 'Yoga '. In India, yoga has been analysed and did for thousands of years, but it is not the appearance of the chassis, which is the main objective of yoga there.
Yoga, in Sanskritic language, means exactly know you and be at peace in yourself. They are not possible to set this option only to say that it is free from all suffering and the absence of doubt and confusion. Natural Bliss unfolding in you as you feel this peace, you realize that this increases as the essence of your soul. This recognition is called Yoga: a clear understanding of the uniqueness of the me with your source of all life.
This knowledge is created, your life begins to flow with dynamic cheekiness and concord, with clarity and alertness, and the fullness of love for understanding. Support Yoga and expansive and creative life.
I doubt that this type of expanded consciousness is possible to anyone, but the Sage of the Himalayas, but the yogis, including myself, found that this knowledge of itself is normal, it is possible! Subjective consciousness; put differently, you have the opportunity to know the burden of the life and spirit of your own. This possibility was discussed for 1000s of years before miditators. Yoga, exploring the nature of taking awareness and presence. Yogis have discovered by a deep personal interrogation that the cause first of their lives is our space and freedom.
But how, you coulded call for: is - this linked to daily life that I live? Once you empathize that the decisions and activities of life and never change your events a fundamental change, do not have your proof of superiority and make do not believe in the ideas of inferiority. Is not dissembled by this pure space for yourself in someone's...
5 Meditation Blog: What is the meaning of Yoga "?" In 1999, he was on a airplane flying at the India domiciliate, after nine years of life in ...
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