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Monday, May 13, 2013

Methods of Meditation

                                     Methods of Meditation
People across the creation are bending towards meditation permanently health of body and beware. Truely health and felicity dwells home is costly to everybody, interior self is the source of totally peace, cloud nine and power. For this in meditation nonpareil meditates abreast of oneself. Meditator, meditation and meditated become one and only. In my earliest article 'Meditation is a travel inwards' I've described what is meditation. In that article I shall delineate three methods of meditation.
1. Aside chanting of OM beware gets concentrated heavily. Ancient saints of Republic of India realised that the vibratory audio of OM is of big help for meditating beware and controlling consistency. The sound of OM bears an intimate carnal knowledge with inner self. As a goodness song is heart affecting so the audio of OM is touching to interior self. OM is a entreaty or hymn for the self. For this they are anticipated Mahamantra(big hymn). For chanting OM peerless should sit down in a Indian lotus posture(padmasana) with eyes closed in. One should breathe in fully and then chant OM slow but loudly money box the exhalation is complete. Fathom should break through equally from olfactory organ and mouth. While intonating mind should cost kept on the sound and attend or think cypher added because one is excogitating au courant oneself. After incomplete an hour of chanting one and only shall feel the compactness of mind and cloud nine of meditation. The vibration of Om actuates all the cellphones in the body. All cadres dance to the melodic line of OM. By this dead body and mind gets made pure.
2. In the 2nd method one should sit-down strike in a lotus carriage with eyes closed. Then peerless should try to attend a point mediate eyebrows and just above the olfactory organ. This point is called in Trikuti. This is the billet where everybody thinks. These is the capital of brain. From here mind commands total the branches and organs. When beware orders eyes attend, legs base on balls, handicrafts.
Eyes and mind bears an intimate relationship. Eyeballs are the doors of mind. Done eyes they are possible to study one and only mind. For this when one attends and concentrates on Trikuti brain gets centred. This method shall be more effectual if it is arranged after intonating of OM. Trikuti is a place of outermost mind. When one centers on Trikuti for more farsighted one travels inwards to internal self. This could happen only after a long time of apply.
3. In the tertiary method one had better lie along a flat come on in Sukhasana with aspect upwards and custody and legs elongated. Then one should continue mind during the movement of breathing place(prana) across the nostrils. These method should cost practiced after intonation of OM. Since body beats up rest movement of breathing place slows down. Since creative thinker is kept going breath mind also decelerates. After half an 60 minutes mind slows down heavily and haults during Trikuti. There mind and breathing space become one. Breathing place is not simply a campaign of atmosphere. It is the vital force(prana) that moves over the nostrils. So peerless gains control over the creative thinker and Prana. Since creative thinker and Prana is ubiquitous in the body, one and only gains ascendence over the brain, Prana and body. Indeed one gets pacification and seventh heaven of mind and dead body.
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