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Friday, November 8, 2013

The Meditative Walk

The Meditative Walk 
Many a times I've heard that meditation doesn't mean to comprise in a commonwealth of different billets and doing another kinds of employments for a decided period of time preferably meditation should cost your way of bread and butter. Your each and every bring should be a part from your meditation flush your life should be a broody life. And after much time I got it directly. How can level a half-witted work like walk be meditative? And the resolve to the dubiousness is Witnessing. As Osho averred, "There is a difference. You find out telecasting, you don't witness it. But, while catching television, if you commencement witnessing yourself watching goggle box, then in that location are two processes coming on: you are following television, and something within you equals witnessing the cognitive operation of watching idiot box. Witnessing is more cryptical, far more cryptic. It is not equivalent weight to watching. Finding out is surface.
So commend that meditation is finding."
It bumped on a night that I got down witnessing and then I amazed this poem.
So soundless is the moon
in order silent the sky
And inwards the utter silence
A poem is going past...
As I come on
My brain entered
The silence costs away
And the thoughts approach.
I let them constitute
As they are
They amount and and go
Some almost some far...
I was bewildered in them
I called off the sky
The sky called in me
And after around mins with them
They arrived lost in me...
Immediately I was in that location
And they were not
As I baffled befuddled
The god appeared...
Immediately god cost i
And god was the founding
I got the coup d'oeil
And my animation got a delegacy...
Only in the silence of domain
I dismissed led me to the info
And transformed my life history
To blessings from bedamn...
Many of you may cogitate that I have composed utter falderal but it is not. When, first,you attend a place filled with lashingses,valleys and clouds, you aimed awestruck by the looker but when you commencement being in such berths then the great thing about the scenery get baffled with time. As is befalls with the sunrise,sunset,rainbows,moon. All these endless beauteous things have befuddled their knockout in our biographies because they have become a memory board. And when you assay to look at these affairs like you're checking them for the identical first time in your animation then only you'll be able to colligate with this poem and then you'll get the implying of it.
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