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Sunday, August 3, 2014

A moment of silence - about meditation

"The attitude of hush the soul ascertains the path more clearly, and what is evasive and deceptive answers in the clarity of the Crystal. Our long and arduous pursue truth. » Mahatma Gandhi:
Why is it important in happy silence meditation? Silence and breathing together can lead us to meditation, which allows you to reconnect with your soul, which in turn will help you feel happier all the time, between the other miracle benefits it generates. I read the clause as the above 3 years back up, returned the book to recover. However, three years ago, I am overwhelmed with life and may everything takes longer. Today, I feel that I speak and my life certainly series miracles, day in and day out. I mean, all the time! My life is amazing and my intention to yours, it becomes as well. I have the intention of every day, it will get the love in my book in your heart and you will find yourself way "gold brick". My goal is to addition the level of human intelligence and spirituality so that together we can improve the level of energy on the planet.
We lose in the race before us the possibility of a future better. We are lost in the concern over time. We are so caught up in our daily routine. We ignore our most important value is only sometimes accepted by others and we loose our dignity and self respect not to follow small anticipates we make to ourselves special. The life that surrounds us and loudly. A busy life. Most of what surrounds us quick and lively. We are in a world of fast food ideas, ideologies, beliefs and celebrity couples divorce as soon as they marry. And get our blurred mind, all activities that get our attention from what is most important: the well-being.
Meditation was silent when life restored, traveled because I was alone, with no Dungeon portable me company falsely. In fact, it is the silence that saved me. I found myself silently. Before I went into the renovation of some apartments, I'll watch the sunrise. Then I set my alarm earlier, make sure it's not going to be missed, around 05:30 start so I thought I would enjoy getting up early. Rising Sun is magic, not only for the artist. As I look to wake up from the Earth, his new day where no matter what and everything are possible. Nothing beats the it. In this silence, I could imagine the possibilities in the future this dawn all about hypotheses. Today, it is your dawn.
There is a huge power in silence until now, many people fear. In the sale, I learned to control the silence. A powerful creature. When you make your pitch you stop and consider it more silence. To win each time. The person who speaks when to gag rules, give. It really works. Is that art should master all sales agents. I use either silence, then the client is usually confused and embarrassed, speaks of silence first, he expressed doubt or purchase. I won my fair sale there. In a human relationship, if you try the idea through, say it and then let the silence resumed. In a conflict, is always to break the silence which gives in. Silence captures it divine. It is the purity of spirit. It looks like a white Angel's wings. Some are affrighted when confronted with the great where they fight with absurdities filling space.
I fell in love with the silence. I think that he could get to God as soon as possible. Think about altogether the times that you are with your spouse or friends, how many times have you enjoy the silence together? I do not mean to not speak to one another as you can watch TV, I'm not talking about walking meditation or sitting there silently let your spirits of cat? I speak not silence critics when I actively in something to fill the void. I am referring to negative silence when you're on the same wavelength that allows that you listen to soul occur without another vote. No aliens. We give them intensively up to fear it will show how vulnerable we are when, as a matter of fact, it is a great gift for the authority.
How to get quieter? This is the best thing to do. You wake up a little earlier and stay on your eyelids. I love doing this. It feels like I wake up again like a child on a Sunday morning and nothing disturbance, but the smell of cooking lunch and wait for invitation announcement toast French were ready. You can change this anytime. You can very well use it. More  Meditation CD.

5 Meditation Blog: A moment of silence - about meditation "The attitude of hush the soul ascertains the path more clearly, and what is evasive and deceptive answers in the clarity of the Cry...

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