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Sunday, August 10, 2014

Nine round breathing techniques

A simple technique of concentration that can be made at the getting down of your
practice of meditation (Earth and communicate with oneself) or as an exercise in meditation a day when you ask to relax and leave now!
This meditative practice is particularly useful when you're anxious or too active.
Find your own space on the floor or on a Chair-extra nice if you are able to find a place with a bit of natural light of the Sun - and if you have a lot of time, space and cover yourself with a blanket, make sure that you set a comfy position.
Cheeseparing your eyes. Colony. I realize that at this moment is there not its place go and nothing to do.
I feel the fondness of your body, light and sounds on the outside.
Take a moment just to inhale and exhale done the nose - gently attractions attention to the fact that you breathe
Notice to the calendar method of your breathing.
In "round nine meditative practice" we would like our (home) on the air flow in the gills is cute. When you inhale, noted a bit of fresh air in your nostrils entry of... As you exhale, the smoother flow of hot air.
In this process, we put our focus on the air flow into each nostril on an individual basis:
1. three cycles of breathing (breathing in and out one round)-imagine strongly as you breathe through your nose and exhale through the left right
2. for the following rounds of three of respiration - reverse this process and fiction firmly as possible is good breathing through the nose and exhale through the left
3. for the three last days of breathing - concentrate on exhale evenly and smoothly through both nostrils
4. Repeat this exercise of... In fact, you will be able to repeat this process as many times as you want, or have time for.
In deep meditation, we relax the body and soothe the mind.
After the meditation, we re-engaging with our time and our projects with renewable energy and awareness. Let the spirit and breath released (through the practice of meditation exercises) we clean debris and noise of the spirit, which allows space for new ideas to emerge. In the vastness of this healing occurs.
This simple exert for 15 minutes a day... You can transform yourself and your surroundings.
5 Meditation Blog: Nine round breathing techniques A simple technique of concentration that can be made at the getting down of your

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