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Friday, July 10, 2015

5 keys for intimacy, deep and soulful sex

Heart of wishes
Desires and fears and limits
The eyes looking at practical
Share your thoughts

Eternal exercise

The eyes are the windowpanes of the soul." When we look deep into the eyes of another person, we can see beyond the physical body and personality. The practice of the ancient practice of watching eyes found in Hindu and Buddhist Tantrism as well as in the Sufi tradition. This practice is seen as a way to enlightenment. This is a great way to communicate on the level bubble. This can be done with a lover before and during sexual intercourse.

Looking at œil is your thing maybe naturally while watching staring into the eyes of a newborn, or when you first caved in love. Even when you're in a conversation, maintain contact with the eyes that you play less concentrated form of watching eyes. Can be the eyes goggled as meditation head-to-head with a friend or a lover. It can also be a solo, to look in the mirror. You can integrate it into everyday life through engaging people briefly, by the way, so when she meets their eyes will see their form, for the most part. Some of the does good of this apply: increasingly present and open your heart and broaden your awareness of the divine in all beings.

Heart of wishes

This practice begins by admitting the divine in the other 'heart '. Sit opposite your partner and look in their eyes. Keep Visual contact during the rest of the process, begin to extend your arms towards the floor, palms conjointly. Then inhale and celebrate your custody in entreaty position, bring in them to your heart. Exhale in to bend forward and recognize the divine in another with the salutation "Namaste" is a Sanskrit word which means "honor the Almighty in you as a contemplation of the divine in me." Inhale as you clean up the backup. Finally, exhale as you allow your hands back to the t-piece, he pointed towards the Earth.


Now make a belch around you and your partner. Do so, waving his arms around both identify you the anatomy of the belch that circumvents you. Then the gesture, as if the removal of an object from your babble and verbally and say out loud that you remove the bubble. These are the things that you will be used to this practice (from distractions, anger, anxiety, etc.) then, the gesture and the State that you want to make a bubble. These are the things that will strengthen your connection (love, desire, confidence, and so forth.) at this breaker point, you may want to provide satisfaction or a blessing for someone else ("privilege, which gives a lot of love for the world.") to create the ToolTip invites you to awareness of the present moment and create a space securing eye looking gazing meditation practice.

Share your desires, fears and limits

Once the babble is created, sharing intentions/desires, limits, and the problems associated with this practice. First of all, one-man addresses while the other person is listening without judgment or comment. You can then reverse characters. Here is an example:

"The desire to remain open and deep connection to your soul."

"My fear is that I'll be aware of itself and will begin the ridiculous work."

"My border to stay connected, even if resistance. ''

Why frontier? When I teach this apply in the classroom, but people frequently have impedance to set limits. And I explain that borders are not walls, bridges. Bridges to bring people together. Affair occurs when people of the border "in good health". Healthy limits to feel safe and to remain open and to be present. Limit of dynamics, it is therefore important to periodically connect with you even if you change your limits. If changed, update your better half so that they can respect the limits of your news. Here are some examples:

"I demand to put an end to this practice today at noon.

"We do not prefer to be affected during this meditation.

"I am committed to remain in practice. If you're going to think, I close my eyes a moment and get back in practice. "

The eyes looking at practical

Once you create your own bubble and common desires, fears and limits, began the practice of looking eye staring. Traditionally, it is recommended that you start by pulling it to the left eye. This is as the bequeathed side of the body is receptive English. Apply a soft look. This is not a contest to watch. Is it OK to change the eyes if you feel also called. Relax and take a breath and allow the go through to unfold. Note that arises without penalty. Be open and funny, as a child.

You can do this exercise as long as you want. I suggest starting with 2 to 5 minutes to eye looked the first time I tried it. Then, close your eyes and go indoors and you reconnect internal for 1 to 2 minutes. When you're ready, afford your eyes and start again. Extension of time as you get more prosperous with the process. Do this exercise for an broadened period could take you to new levels of communication. At the moment you are able to exercise for 45 to 60 minutes. Looking at œil is a great agency to bring out how open you are observed when there is resistance. If you feel electric resistance, allowing it to be there. I feel and see if you can afford to melt.

Share your thoughts

Then discuss your go through with your collaborator. How ca feel to the touch? How does it feeling to attend deeply into someone else? Have you been able to see beyond the body and personality? Have you noticed their faces change form? You experience your heart open? This exercise is excellent for developing intimacy. May be helpful to keep a journal of your experiences.

Staring practice looking œil is simple and powerful. Despite reductions in the illusion and opens the door to the truth. When you do this regularly, it can transform your agreement of who you're. Even if it comes to tantra practice you can ever do, can awaken by him alone. I ask over you to drill eyeball staring with friends, likewise as your lover. When done ahead and during the watch sex eyes can improve communication and spiritually similar, making love and meditation.
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