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Friday, July 18, 2014

What is Zen meditation?

Zen meditation dates back more than one thousand years and at that place are writings of documents available to cover the departure exactly. So, as you can imagine, it is rich in traditions. Nobody is quite sure exactly however or when I started Zen meditation for the first time, even if an effect as soon as the "blossom preaching". This ceremony was silent and this is called back to help the purity of the word, where Sakyamuni Buddha or a Andrew D. White flower to the Sangha, a group of populate who have a purpose or a common interest. Often associated with this type of liturgical ceremony with "bhodism Zen.
The origins of the particular lot of meditation Zen ambiguities and uncertainties. Rather than follow a series of biblical doctrines, Zen braktisirs depend on the direct feel of different things because they travel to be a student to a teacher of art (ultimately).
This can make it difficult for beginners to familiarize themselves with the Zen meditation techniques and learning to occur over a long period, which contrasts with the modern lens have everything that we want available immediately. The benefits of this is that you end up with a deeper apprehension and probably the best experience of meditation.
The method is divided into 5 schools, alias the houses:
Shoul Guiyang, lenje, kaudong, Hao junmin Leuven. They were called after different Zen master who founded them, as you can imagine, each accepts a slimly different advance.
Between it, these a different schools affected in the current methodology "Zen bhodism.
There are also national departures in the way of Zen practice. For example, the Chinese version is called Chan. It was an article in the "Chinese bhodism" at one point, he was responsible a wide range of literature called again today.
The Japan considers that three different schools of Soto, largest, up to the APCO by Rainsy. The Nipponese versions are very afford and so I saw a recent emerging Christian Zen.
Buddhism of thin is the school of bhodism in Viet Nam and can decipher its roots back to 580 m, when he visited the Indian monk and Viet Nam introduced local people to the art of Zen.
Whatever the school, among the main styles of meditation Zen sitting meditation. Have another names according to is engaged in the country, but involves generally headquarters practitioner in the form archetypal position - the so-called «Lotus» cross to sit with legs and hands on knees serves many in movies and TV for meditation person photography.
Some schools also use practice Zen of intensive group meditation monks where, for hours and hours every day. The typical routine of meditation for 30 to 50 minutes and then take a short-change break or a meal before meditation again. It is only for the most consecrated and leaves very little time for sleep or outside the monastery.
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