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Sunday, July 27, 2014

What is Yoga? 101 responses blocked

What is Yoga?
1 ask questions more than the stories you tell
2. to take the line of least resistance when offers you the best
3. notes that what you think at that time
4. Note that you feel in your body, immediately
5. takes note of the intention of your conscious and unconscious designs;
6. We're aware of the causeless consequences of your activenesses - and to take them into account
7. Select the silence on deception
8. stay on the posture of the child (balasana) for ten minutes in the midst of the power yoga class
9 Center yourself in a comfortable position for you in the beginning yoga class
10 notes when the focus is on how the body, when you are stressed (jaw installed, pursed lips arched, shoulders)
11 unnecessary to correct others every time that they misbik
12. the exercise positions that feel good
13 knowing that you don't have the resolutions to everything, but someone the fact. Find people with answers to concerning questions
14. grateful when you think and act in the free absorption method
15 allow others to express their convictions without having to involve your
16. the practice of attitudes that strengthen the body
17. the exercise positions that improve your balance wheel
18 comely aware of what you feel on mind, body and breath to each Yoga position
19. we are aware of your motivations, whenever you talk already
20. Recognizing that you your creation revolves around you and everyone on someone else... Them
21 release of stories about yourself this "definition" you
22. we are aware that what you live at present is neither more nor to a lesser degree what you live right now
23 aware that this too shall pass
24 replace, 'I do yoga with live Yoga ".
25 talk 10 breaths every day. So deep, they move your belly
26-asana without use no mat, blocks, blankets or additional accessories - and your body just stay before your (only stay within the safe range of apparent motion of the body)
27. to train with an Asana, savasana
28 allow what you answer on your yoga mat are an annexe of your yoga, rather than the beginning and the end for your practice
29 asana in bed
30. the acceptation of a logo
31 let the silent time 'in the brain.
32 give a book that you covet and haven't record in years
33. the practice of asanas in less than ideal and letting go of harassment
34 let go of attachments on your spot of Studio Yoga mat, yoga, your favorite yoga teacher music yoga...
35 verily offensive honest and speaking only when necessary
36 embrace the transition towards death
37 smile that you sleep, cry as you sleep
38 take a long exhalation, silent instead of hanging back with sarcasm
39. in time when human is awaiting for you
40 listen more than talk; they are trying for a day
41 give all your attention on the person that you talk on the phone (pas multi-tasking with Twitter-texting-watch TV, etc.)
42 tools help you pilot life
43 touch the ground with both custody as a monitor that you're connected to something bigger than you, and you are on the ground
44 allow parents to find happiness in their mandate, without permission
45. to enable relatives to make mistakes
46. notes when you hold your breath
47 knowing that you are OK at this time
48 on the understanding that the entirely thing that ever actually 'our' is the time
49 accept that it is not a 'right' to the position, only "safe" way to body
50 note the ugly thoughts
51 made yourself unlimited supply of 'money' never
52. the sun salutation
53. the meditation
54 explore sources of nutrition for your me physically and emotionally
55. a set of tools enable you
56. a set of tools for relax
57. a adjust of tools for moral life
58 accept uncertainty
59. the framing as a constant change
60. give the impression that everything the other English of life may be OK
61 courtesy of religion
62 see the wickedness and the serenity in the raw, rainy November day
63. the inner circle knowing that somehow I'll be OK once again
64 ask for assist when you need it
65. non-judgment of others who eat, pray, exercise and look differently than you
66. let non-core tasks are waiting until tomorrow and sometimes
67. notes that you are proud of, and why
68. of (new)
69. whether it is OK to let down people when it has in mind doing what is good for you
emotions 70-feeling of grief, sadness,
5 Meditation Blog: What is Yoga? 101 responses blocked What is Yoga? 1 ask questions more than the stories you tell 2. to take the line of least resistance when offers you the best 3. notes th...

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