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Monday, September 8, 2014

6 Steps for Practicing Creative Meditation in the Home

6 Measures for the practice of creative meditation at home or in the office
Corinne McLaughlin has taught meditation for more than 30 years for a variety of groups from around the world, spiritual communities such the Findhorn Foundation in Scotland to government agencies in the United States.

Here are six steps to practice meditation, creative "approach based on the recognition that everything we see around us arises as a result of thought. Our power through believed and inner electric potential to re-create ourselves, our attitude towards life and the environment. When enough domicile everywhere in the world is related of heart to heart and think positively, we will rebuild the community in a way that reflects and embodies the highest aspirations of the human family.

It is necessary to establish a regular calendar method with your meditation. Ten minutes each day is better than the time every once in a while, because it creates a model usually regular and rhythmic. The morning is the best, because I was fresher at the time, was taken in the day's actions. Meditation in the cockcrow sets the note for today. Connects you with the spiritual energies albums and a sense of purpose. If you learn that meditation should be a maximum length of 30 minutes. If you are at work and can not take the time to meditate, just hesitate for a minute and take a few deep breaths and pleasant feeling of peace fills you. It's amazing what they can do even a short meditation.

It is preferable to adopt a scientific access to meditation - try different techniques and the results of the study. Proceed slowly and carefully. Should reflect on the balance in the context of the rhythm of daily life. Control effects in your life. Here are a few key steps that you might find useful for meditation:

1. align your posture, relaxation of the physical body. It is preferable to sit centres respectively with the chakras or energy of your vertical line of gravity. If you lie, you became very uncomfortable and fall asleep. Can be hands clasped in the Tower, or with the palm facing upwards or downwards on your thighs. You must close your eyes, or if it is uncomfortable, left open, focused on one thing in front of you. You can tighten every muscle group, start with the neck and shoulders, relax and then it (or you can do the exercises or yoga stretching before body relaxation meditation). Enjoy and send love for the physical and emotional body and your state of mind before start you meditation, hold an position of cooperation, rather than crushing, of all aspects of your personality. It is important to appease relaxed, yet cognisant and awake.

2 focus on your breathing. Breathe in peace and sleep and the expiry of any tension or fears. Deep breathing helps to activate you as you bring more Prana or vital force. Create a regular inbrith, taking pace breath and then aoutbrith. You count up to seven and hold for some moments and then expired breath with the number seven (or whatever pace suits you best) and version is on every time you exhale. If your bear in mind wanders and you become distracted, all of the time go back to breathe. With each breath, let you become lighter and more extended. The experience of the pause between breaths the expansion at infinity.

3 cool emotions. Ascendance your feelings, as if I was watching a movie - your life melodrama. Become a separate observer, just note what happens without a reaction, or a phrase.

If you suffer from fear or anger or negative feelings, you can convert it to see your feelings every bit a ball of Energy Department in your solar plexus chakra (navel). Imagine the energy up to your heart, to transform these feels into positive energy and love. You can see it because a ball of Energy Department, or you can simply hold the intention to transfer energy to your heart.

Another method to calm emotions imagine Lake Placid, clear, reflecting the Sun in the day. water symbolizes emotions; the Sun symbolizes the spirit, or your higher self. Imagine the Lake being rattling still so that it can reflect clearly the Sun.
4. Still your mind: let your mind alert and prepared. Meditation is calming your mind lower, rational and work with your spirit higher, abstract. You learn to focus your mind like a tracer for the mellower realms, called for to receive your comments and new ideas that can help human beings. Your mind is now in place to light, while perceiving the light remains the most important, in the light of your soul.

A good way to calm your mind becomes a separate, the observer of your thoughts without trying to stop or modify, without judging. Simply appoint the ideas that are born as 'thought '. label emotions as "flavors"; label hardware experience or harassment as "adepts". In the East, this is called meditation Vipassana or insight. You are disidintivi of intellections and flavours, saying to yourself, "I have ideas, but I'm not my cerebrations; I've feelings, but I'm not my feelings. »

Perception dismiss be very efficacious, because energy follows called back. You can imagine the pure white light passing through the center of power at the top of the head, called the centre of the Crown and to see circulation throughout the body, and you feel lighter and more extensive.

The center of attention at the present time, letting go worries around the past or the future: embody here now. It is completely in the moment.

5. Adjust with the soul or more auto: stop many meditation techniques with soothing your bear in mind, but you are able to go further and use your mind and your will penetrate the Supreme spiritual worlds, the world of the soul or higher self and align with the very well lit teachers of humanity like Jesus or Buddha, etc.

This is what is called the "Rainbow Bridge" or the antahkarana is as well called in the East. You can literally build threads of light two peers body physical, emotional, mental and spiritual higher. Raise you the vibrational absolute frequency of your soul.

If you're in meditation, a childlike way to visualize the lines of light that crosses the center of chakra or energy of the Crown above your head and then view the connection light of the star higher up your head, the soul and the spiritual world over the Rainbow.

If you're more intimate with meditator, you will be able to focus your energy on your chakra of the front in the middle of your brow and then Rosary rainbow light a spirit less, rational mind abstract Jet and higher (or "Manas" as they are called in the due east); Imagine a bit of emotions at the level of suspicion or buddhi and the physical plane the plane upwards or ATMA will be aligned with the will of God.

Then click on the alignment opened with your soul because a few minutes in the complete interior silence get impressions or advice. This is adverted to as a 'top' in meditation. Later a period of hush, you enter the "bottom", then you can be impressed by the ideas in your brain and meditation to stimulate activity. Then let your background form of energy or the depressions that I got in thoghtforms can be used for life and body of work and a plan of action, where appropriate.

6. end with grace: the final step in the energy trading have adjoined in meditation as a form of service. Is the release of spiritual energy that I received in meditation to the world, to achieve the healing and transformation for people in need or to human race at large. You can see the light, love and bringing around energy glowing from the center of the eyebrow in the middle of your forehead, where it is most needed inward the world. It is important to contribution and circularise the energy received in meditation, until it made a complete circuit to receive and give energy.

Finally, the perception of your soul, the energy of light and love and healing, fill your entire being and activate and balance the physical and emotional body and your state of mind. Meet your soul equally your confessedly essence, a generator of wisdom for your life.

Some multitude like to begin and end with meditation sounding three who (which can be silent if necessary). Or is the word Saint who still help body physical, emotional, mental and the closure of meditation with three operations management system allows to distribute energy.

After meditation, you may need to type anything, I had in meditation-ideas, visions and directives internal-as a way to commend them and the Earth where you can apply in your everyday life, and this is the main purpose of the meditation.
5 Meditation Blog: 6 Steps for Practicing Creative Meditation in the Home 6 Measures for the practice of creative meditation at home or in the office Corinne McLaughlin has taught meditation for more than 30 y...

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